Aviator Deck Cover for Isuzu Vcross by Aeroklas

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• Engineered polymer is the same material used to manufacture aircraft components.
• No need to drill the pickup with Aeroklas's clamp lock technology
• Lightweight only 35 Kg.
• Can be dismantled - DIY (DIY) in case you want to carry something higher than the pickup.
• Easy to open and close by electric motor. To assist in the pick-up of the pickup cover. And there are switches easy to use.
• Used by opening the pickup cover always hanging head. With a locking point (2 points).
• Two-stroke shock absorber, easy to operate.
• Spacious living space full With a compact mounting kit.
• Protect your luggage with a strong lock system. Protect your baggage from being lost.
• Beautiful hand set with lock key and can open - closed only one point.
• Waterproof rubber seal along the four sides.
• Covered aerial class lid when closed to prevent the tailgate to be 100%.
• Safe with an electric motor that can control the up and down.

Pickup cover yourself
• Save fuel In addition to reducing the rotation force of the wind.

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