Towtally Black Colour Traction Mat Sand Ladder , 35 Inch x 10 Inch x 4 Inch

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SKU: DQ5D29F6B18



With this unbreakable sand track recovery track, the you'll never get stuck alone.

Resilient design to fit for wide range of terrains such as Sand, Mud, Snow, Grass etc.

Double ramp design provides maximum convenience.
Special teeth pattern surface guarantees effective performance.
4 mounting points to provide extra stability.

Easy to clean. Prevent your vehicle's tires from spinning when stuck in snow, mud or sand.
Simply place the traction mat/sand ladder under your vehicle's wheels. It Can get any size vehicle unstuck from sand, mud, ice, or snow.

Also treads on both sides to grip your tires and dig into the ground.

It is also Durable, thick material and can stand up to any environment and heavy vehicles.

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